Dear traveltronic friends,

We are happy to announce our new shop here. You can easily get access to all our products on sale when registered with us as club member.

Among other products we have on stock we would like to focus your interest above all to the outstanding KNS products here online. Just poke around yourself and find out what you might need. These products are unique in quality, design and last not least performance.  Also you´ll see that we deliver NJRC products. We are in a position to deliver all products directly within Europe or from our Dubai stocks without remarkable delays.

Here is a selection of what range of products from different suppliers we offer:

KNS is a leading specialist in satellite antennas and wireless control systems for the maritime industry. KNS is market leader in the field of maritime communication and the KNS products are therefore designed according to the highest standards of sturdiness and functionability. Some of the key products with KNS are, e.g. high quality VSAT antennas, Satellite Television-at-Sea (TVRO), Broadband at Sea, Voice and Data Services. 

Our business partner Uiquiti has been on the wireless technology market since 2005 after announcing its "Super Range" mini-PCI radio card series. The product range of Ubiquiti also comprises air fiber Full Duplex Point-to-Point Gigabit Radios, Gateways, air Grids, Bullets, bridges of all sorts and antennas. Today they are entering the Voice over IP market as well. Ubiquiti is known for high performance plus easy deployments.



JRC New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. offers a tremendously wide range of  - and it is not without reason that they do this successfully since 1959. Their main products can be summed up in three categories:       1) Microwave tubes and radar components, 2) microwave application products and 3) electronic devices.