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The XG1 system is delivered in an IP65 waterproof outdoor box. This is suited to be installed under harsh climatic conditions. An easy mount mechanism allows the installation within half an hour and placement within minutes.

It is optimal for MtoM applications.

We offer 5 different versions aggregating up to 3 parallel UMTS and LTE channels. External high power antennas guarantee optimal GSM coverage.The system is fitted with 1.2 or 3 GSM channels which can either operate in 3G UMTS or 4G LTE mode and provide a maximum of 100 megabit reliable aggregated bandwidth via GSM networks. A Gigabit LAN interface connects the customers’ network equipment. The Low Cost 1 Channel system has one 100 Megabit Ethernet LAN interface built in.

The integrated WIFI Hot Spot operates on 802. b,g,n standard, which provides a performance of 300 Megabit WIFI bandwidth interlink to the end users PCs.


We offer a small version 300x220x55 mm in size, which offers one GSM 3G or 3G/4G channel. The larger version 300x220x87 mm in size offers up to 3 GSM 3G or 3G/4G channels. The low weight of only 2.7 kilos allows mounting within vehicles. The power consumption was consequently reduced down to 30 Watt. Operation via SOLAR Panel and Buffer Battery are also possible.

Optional, this system can be interconnected with an outdoor V-SAT modem (for example COMTECH ODMR840), which is also available in an IP65 Outdoor Version.  An INMARSAT FLEET terminal can also be connected. In combination with continent covering C Band satellites, almost worldwide SAT/GSM Internet projects can be designed.

All MICRO.CONNECT systems get shipped with 3dBi low gain antennas, which are approved to be used inside the European Union.


Optional and for Export Use only, high gain antennas are available, which significantly do increase the coverage.

Note:All presented solutions are suited for use outside countries and waters of the EU only. In case your intended useage lies inside EU, kindly contact us. Lower differing performances can result.

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