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The typical reseller and the partner we do work has already quite intensive experiance in the maritime communicaiton field. He is typically experianced to work daily with systems such as KNS, ORBIT, SEATEL (COBHAM) or INTELLIAN. He has the direct contact to the boat owner, as he communication wise maintains the IP network onboard the ship.

He has understood, that IT support onboard a ship is not easy and the requirement for reliable IP connectivity is vital for providing a good job to the customer.

We do not want to degrade our partners and resellers to stupid technology installers only. We want to create valueable services to their customer audience.

OUR "FWH" buisness concept you will provide exactly what you have looked for long time. We will set you into the position, to buld up with your expertise large and complex networks in remote areas, who will provide you with long term revenues.

We are capacity independant and can aggregate SATELLITE, GSM and WIFI capacity together to one big large data stream. Fully IP transparent and global available. 


Kindly note, that for all RESELLERS we do require the NDA below signed and faxed or e-mailed to us, prior we can approve you as club member.