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The typical customer of traveltronic is a person with high mobility demand. He requires Internet and Telephone access in communication network wise underdeveloped regions, on oceans or in the air.

Most of our customers also operate a fleet of aircrafts, ships or vehicles, all around the globe and require to keep these connected, no matter where they go.

Our customers like our way to keep costs low by providing them IP bandwith on one satellite channel, on multiple GSM channels, or via WIFI.

We do not run excessive hughe size teleports, or an worldwide MPLS backbone like our large competitors. As complete Virtual MOBILE Network Operator, we do have the flexibility to make an offer of the best available networks, no matter where you go.

We are lean, quick and proactive responsive to our customers and we keep technology overlookable complex. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID is sometimes the better approch, than selling the customer a 400 page proposal project. Our goal is to deliver solutions, which in our opinion just needs to be as simple in its usage like any good smartphone on the market.

Our customers enjoy not be handled in a call center, but personally with competence and enthusiasm for their project needs and requriements.

In various projects we have also prooven to successfully deal on the one side with the increasing demand for PERSONAL MOBILITY as well as on the other side with the increasing requirement for RELIABLE INTERNET COMMUNICATION. This applies to the same extent for private customers as it does for business customers. We provide complete camp sites, compounds or villages with our WIRLESS technology, which interconnects todays SMARTPHONES and TABLET PC the most simple way to the core communication networks of our planet.