Dear mobile communication partner,

Please be informed about some things on our side:

1. SAT.ONLY - new Packages

We have worked hardduring the Christmas Holidays and we have now since January the technical possibility, to offer SPEED THROTTLE PACKAGES. Thats why we do have new price lists available for SAT.ONLY. It is worth having a look at. Certainly we besides this, still offer our UNRESTRICTED SPEED PACKAGES.

What is the difference: Speed Throttle Packages are specified for a certain maximum data volume and a 30 day time period. The nearer, the customer gets to his data volume, the slower his connection gets. UNRESTRICTED SPEED packages do provide constant maximum possible speed from DAY one to the LAST day, they do get booked. monthly costs are certainly lower for SPEED THROTTLE services.

SAT.ONLY services we do offer in MIDDLE EAST and in EUROPE. 

Since January we rent our SAT.ONLY equipment, due to high interest from several market participants. Please let us know in case you prefer to buy, instead rent your SAT.ONLY equipment.

Please follow the links to see our NEW SAT.ONLY price lists:




2. ALL.IN.ONE system downstrip

We have taken out several features out of our ALL.IN.ONE system, as the market feedback was clear: "Cool system, but make it cheaper" - So we did. The XG4 system approved for the European Union does not include any more:

  • WIFI Hotspot (waterproof Ethernet Connector instead)
  • No Power Supply included (24 Volt Operation/ no Multi Voltage input)
  • NoUPS with integrated LiFeO3 Batteries
  • No Hardbour W-LAN
  • Only 1x 3G GPS channel
  • 3 Watt, instead 4 Watt transmitter
  • Smaller GSM coverage area
  • LowCost iDirect X5 modem integrated

The XG4- LOW COST EU version will become available Q2/2014 at a significant reduced price of only 19.999 Euro for the end user.

All XG4 International Versions did stay identical. Please have a look at the Link, where you can see exactly the differences:

Please contact us....

...IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. We are always open for your suggestions or ideas.