• Reachable Speed

    We are often asked what speeds we can reach with our technology:

    GSM mobile phone operators do not guarantee a specific speed in their networks.  In the past years, they have also avoided to offer "unlimited Flat rates".

    In combination with a constant development of GSM networks, prior the Smart Phone Hype, sufficient capacity in GSM networks has not always been available. The recent bottleneck will be solved by vast investments in LTE networks very soon.

    On the other hand, the V-SAT industry has promised miracle bandwidth or extremely high data volumes too often, which never could be possibly reached, resulting in the loss of trust from its customers in the past years.

    We have learned from GSM network operators and offer our combined GSM/Satellite services in comparable packages that customers are used to in the GSM market.

    We clearly and precisely communicate with our customers and have proven that it is quite impossible to produce such a satellite bandwidth with unlimited service out of such an expensive resource.

    In the right table you can review the IP performance of the technologies we use.

    We do not beat around the bush:

    It is our business model to sell Data Volume (Gigabytes)

    It is in our mutual interest to deliver high performance broadband service. Otherwise we cannot sell Data Volume and cannot earn any money.

    In this business concept we see a solid base for success and a good, high quality product for our customers.

  • Speed Table


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