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    Besides our cost efficient "ALL.in.ONE“ Self Pointing Communication Systems, we also support the Classic Maritime Communication where, Antenna Controller and Modem are separate from the outdoor antenna unit. Customers using the classic setup can significantly profit from a GSM & SATCOM combination.

    We support all KNS ZxMK2 and Mk3 models, along with antennas from the manufacturer SeaTel or Orbit.

    XG7 – consists of a KNS Z7 Mk2 system with external Tracking Controller, High Performance Satellite modem for 30000 parallel IP Sessions, 16 Watt VSAT transmitter, 3 GSM channels (3 do supports 4G GSM LTE), maximum system throughput 100 Mbps.

    A 1:1 redundancy version is available, to increase reliability and availability.

    Supports LINK BONDING, SAFE LINK & BEST LINK and LAYER 2 Bridging to put all your ships and your office on a single "Ethernet Switch“.

    An upgrade kit is available to customers who already own a KNS MK2 or MK 3 system.

    A wire harness kit, available in different lengths connects the Outdoor Antenna units (SATCOM & GSM) to the inboard electronic.

    All equipment is powered by standard 230 Volts, provided by on-board generators. A UPS of 2,4 kVA is recommended, to provide emergency communication possibilities.

    Inside the European Union, we only use approved components.

    You need a real „Broadband Everywhere“ solution and you are tired of the provider jungle, juggling around with USB sticks, SIM cards and GSM contracts?

    Our SEA.CONNECT solution will certainly become your friend ! Simply because it does so much more than only a V-SAT.


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Note:All presented solutions are suited for use outside countries and waters of the EU only. In case your intended useage lies inside EU, kindly contact us. Lower differing performances can result.