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    AUTO.POINT Solution

    Under the term "IP.SNG" we offer 2 different systems for the media industry.

    Our classic AUTO.POINT system is a transportable suitcase system, which may be transported by plane.  It is possible to fit it with transmitters from 16 to 40 Watt, high upstream bandwidth, as required in media industry.

    Just push the button and the system automatically acquires a pre-programmed satellite and connects via IP. A system integrated beacon receiver ensures precise pointing results. 

    Data rates up to 8 Megabit can be easily gotten, suited to live broadcast HD content.

    Certainly here, we also implement our SAT & GSM Combination system, which also allows the usage of terrestric UMTS or LTE GSM bandwidth. 

    Alternative to our AUTO.POINT system, we offer our SEA.CONNECT system, which is suited to be mounted on IP.SNG vehicles.

    In comparison to conventional "oyster like SNG" systems, these systems are hermetically closed under a radom, which makes them insensitive to environmental conditions, such as dust, sand or saltwater. 

    Unfortunately salt water is a big problem in winter on European streets and typical IP.SNG "oyster type SNG" systems tend to fail in the moment they are most needed.

    With a SEA.CONNECT system, used as IP.SN, up streams up to 4 Megabits are possible with only a 70cm antenna size. This system can certainly also combined with our 3 channel UMTS/LTE GSM solution.


    Additional Coverages Optional Available

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Note:All presented solutions are suited for use outside countries and waters of the EU only. In case your intended useage lies inside EU, kindly contact us. Lower differing performances can result.