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    C Band 1,5 & 1,8m
    KU Band 0,6 & 0,9m
    KA Band 1m

    SAT.ONLY characterizes the classic small compact 60cm V-SAT antenna system, typically used in Europe by many LOW COST services. traveltronic manges its own KU Band Satcom services. Hardware wise we cooperate with KNS in Korea.

    In addition, we do offer since 2014 a 1 meter KA band system, and a 1,5 or 1,8 meter C Band system. Each technology does have its PROs and CONs. Please read our comparison document in the right row of our webpage.

    In order to ensure network quality, we operate this system on our own satellite/hub combination and do not use LOW COST services.

    Some customers are not yet enthusiastic about the idea of a combined SAT & GSM or, hardware costs play a role, especially in projects where the initial investment is a primary factor. 

    For these customers, traveltronic still offers a KU Band SAT.ONLY system which is on the Eutelsat E3D satellite, at a perfect prime position of 3 degrees west. Supported by a business model, where customers only pay for what they consume (Unlimited Speed - PAY as you GO) - besides a small monthly registration fee.

    Optional we also offer SPEED THROTTLE Services which are specified for a certain monthly data volume. The closer the customer gets to this data volume limit, the slower his speed gets throttled. These services are available at very interesting rates.

    In KA Band, we do support Eutelsat KA SAT at 9 degrees East orbital position within European Costal areas.

    Pretty interesting as well is our C Band Solution, as besides large coverage in Mediteranean Area - Middle East and Africa, we do offer very attractive airtime rates.


    Coverage Ku-Band

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Note:All presented solutions are suited for use outside countries and waters of the EU only. In case your intended useage lies inside EU, kindly contact us. Lower differing performances can result.