KNS Inc.

KNS is a leading specialist in satellite antennas and wireless controll systems for the maritime industry. KNS is market leader in the field of maritime communication and the KNS products are therefore designed according to the highest standards of sturdiness and functionability. Some of the key products with KNS are, e.g. high quality VSAT antennas, Satellite Television-at-Sea (TVRO), Broadband at Sea, Voice and Data Services. KNS products are constantly being tested and challenged in roughest sea conditions all over the world. Thus they completely fulfill our requirements to be our partner. 




Our business partner Uiquiti has been on the wireless technology market since 2005 after announcing its "Super Range" mini-PCI radio card series. The product range of Ubiquiti also comprises air fiber Full Duplex Point-to-Point Gigabit Radios, Gateways, airGrids, Bullets, bridges of all sorts and antennas. Today in 2014 Ubiquity also announced its market entry into the Voice over IP business by unveiling new UniFi systems. 

Furthermore, Ubiquiti Networks develops high-performance networking technology for service providers and enterprises. Their technology platforms focus on delivering highly advanced and easily deployable solutions that appeal to a global customer base in underserved and underpenetrated markets. Ubiquiti´s differentiated business model has enabled us to break down traditional barriers such as high product and network deployment costs.