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    traveltronic delivers 3 types of "ALL.in.ONE“ Self Pointing Communication Solutions with 60 cm diameter antennas .

    The System is designed for Maritime and „On the Move “land based” communication requirements.

    Ultra Compact and with only a 60 cm reflector, the system radom size was consequently reduced down in size to only 87 cm (h) x 72 cm (w) and to a weight of 56 kilos.

    "ALL.in.ONE“ systems are 3 axis full Gyro stabilized systems.

    "ALL.in.ONE“ means: The system combines GSM & SATELLITE Data communication in one system. No external Modem or Antenna Controller (IDU) is required. Everything is built into one small 60cm antenna size radom ! THIS CONCEPT IS NEW! And, unprecedented in the maritime communication industry.

    The 3 versions differ as follows:

    XG4 LOW COST EU VERSION a low cost satellite modem supporting 3000 parallel sessions, 3 Watt VSAT Transmitter, 1 GSM channel, 3G UMTS, maximum system data throughput 15 Mbps, CE approved EU Version (available approx. Q2 2014)

    XG4 LOW COST INTERNATIONAL VERSION a low cost satellite modem supporting 3000 parallel sessions, 4 Watt VSAT Transmitter, 2 GSM channels, 3G UMTS, maximum system data throughput 25 Mbps, supports LINK BONDING, For Export only.

    XG4 INTERNATIONAL VERSION High End satellite modem, supporting 30000 parallel sessions, 8 Watt VSAT Transmitter, 3 GSM UMTS channels (1 supports also LTE), maximum system data throughput 100 Mbps, supports LINK BONDING, SAFE LINK & BEST LINK, support of customer owned SIM cards. This system can be fitted optionally with a Roaming Server to cover multiple Satellites. For Export only.

    A "built in“ internal Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) supports the International Versions of ALL.in.ONE system, allowing the bridging of emergency communication in a timespan of 30 to a maximum of 60 minutes,  in the case of a the main power failure on your boat.

    You really need a „Broadband Everywhere” solution and you are tired of the provider jungle, juggling around with USB sticks, SIM cards and GSM contracts?

    Our „ALL.in.ONE“ solution will become your new friend !

    all in one sw

    The traveltronic ALL in ONE system integrates all components required for proper operation, such as:

    • Satellite Modem
    • GSM Router
    • Antenna Controller
    • Uninterruptive Power Supply
    • Aircondition
    • 3 axis tracking Satellite antenna
    • WIFI hotspot



    Cabsat 2014 Presentation


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Note:All presented solutions are suited for use outside countries and waters of the EU only. In case your intended useage lies inside EU, kindly contact us. Lower differing performances can result.