• Oil, Gas and Mining

    The oil and gas industry, but also mining industry has high requirements for data communication. The transfer of data from a production plant to a data centre must be performed in real time. Data has to be processed immediately and remote processes are decided, regulated and conducted....

    Total global energy consumption will increase by 50%, particularly outside the OECD region. Consumption is currently roughly 50% in OECD countries, 25% in India + China and 25% in other regions. Therefore, this is definitely one of the sectors which has to invest in clever communication solutions.  

    In order to ensure a constant workflow, fast end stable data communication is the key. Production sites are  very often located in rough areas, deserts or in the middle of the sea. Communication systems must be able to withstand the toughest environmental conditions on earth.

    We have had profound and intensive experiences with our customers in the oil and gas as well as the mining industry. We are aware of the daily challenges and have developped solutions which can be easily provided and stably operated.  They are specifically designed for these industries.

    Our Teleport Operation in Germany ensures best European Interconnectivity and performance data transfer in Frankfurt.

    The combination of available GSM networks with highly available Geostationary Satellite Communication Networks is the key to our work and makes our solutions very interesting for many types of application.

  • oil, gas & mining