• What We Do

      We do what we love and are capable of - i.e. we provide professional mobile Internet BROADBAND connectivity worldwide.

      Our Hybrid GSM & SATCOM solutions are outstanding innovative and have the potential to change the mobile communication way for the last white communication areas of our world.

      Since 2001 we have been developping many special technical solutions to assist customers to overcome the communication challanges today - also in areas where access is still not existing or not good enough. This includes special WLAN development, development for transportable systems, software solutions to overcome the typical effects of satellite latency problems, special mobile vehicle solutions and much more. In the past we have worked with a wide variety of industrial, public and private customers in this field.

      Since 2009 the global success of 3G and 4G GSM networks cannot be negated any more and we have given this topic special impetus positioning traveltronic to a world leading mobile VNO (Virtual Network operator) specialized on data communication. 

      We are a team of experts for all your technical challenges in the field of mobile communication and in close cooperation with our customers we will always find the best solutions for their projects.