IP has become a standard and the Media Industry is slowly picking up. With our IP.SNG solutions, Media Contribution TV production companies and TV news spotters receive the optimal tool for real broadband data communication, near-on-demand and live production scenarios...

    One interesting area is the satellite news gathering area, in which new IP-based technology is taking regional and local TV stations and their news shows to a new level.

    Live satellite news gathering tools like IP-SNG have become available to regional news producers and journalists over the last couple of years. Until recently, satellite news gathering was only affordable for national or international events, developments in satellite, video, and IP technology has allowed a new generation of IP-SNG to emerge.

    To meet professional content producers’ requirements, the IP-SNG system had to conquer three challenges: the investment cost for the system, the operational costs and the satellite capacity needed to operate the system.

    When looking at the investment costs, we see that the IP-SNG is dramatically lower in price in comparison to traditional SNG solutions, as it uses off-the-shelf VSAT equipment which has a much lower cost.

    Operational costs are very low, as no expensive SNG Satcom engineers are required. The operation is usually performed by the content producer.

    The satellite capacity traveltronic offers a very unique "PAY as you GO" pricing and business model, where only those services used are paid for.

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