• The Company

      The idea for traveltronic was initially created 2008 in order to meet the steadily growing demand for mobile communication as well as to act in line with our zest and conviction that it is possible to set up save communication, ignoring boarders - i.e. wherever you are. And by doing so to contribute to a global understanding - regardless which boarders or continents have to be crossed and whether communcation needs to work statically or mobile. 

      Based on our much praised German Engineering Spirit which also had a strong impact on the traveltronic market positioning we were able to widen our radius activity on an international basis. One of the many good reasons we decided to go global and reallocate our business idea to Dubai in 2013.

      Due to our profound expert knowledge as well as our experience in Africa and the Middle East we are one of the most competent partners in the field of data transfer and communication - even more so for our customers here in Europe. We start where others stop - we create solutions where others give up attempting.

      With our experience in conflict areas, bases, campsites and mobile vehicles we are in a position to find a solution for every situation and purpose plus we can implement this solution directly where its needed.

      With more than 25 years of experience in the Telecommunication Industry, we are concentrating our business activities today on mobile communication requirements and their fulfillment on a global basis.

      Our business location in the DUBAI WORLD CENTRAL Airport (DWC) allows us to act from a global hub. The DWC will become the biggest airport in the world. From there we will provide our customers in the world with the widest range of networking and communication opportunities.